Kantv Helper

Customized scripts for kantv, skipping qrCode, removing ads, etc.

0x0 Install


If you have the greasemoney or tampermonkey extension for your browser, click here to install the scripts.


You could also use the script from your bookmark by:

Drag the following link to your bookmarks: Kantv-helper

Or copy following code then create a new bookmark:

Once installed, you could simply inject the helper script via the bookmark to active it every time you need it.

This allow you to use this script on the browsers that doesn't support extensions, such as Edge on xbox.

I known it's hard to do so on Xbox. My solution is that using Xbox mobile app as text input to copy and paste the script into a bookmark.

0x1 Change Logs

1.0.5 - Aug 2, 2019
add key control:
  • n: play next video.
1.0.4 - Jul 25, 2019
fix skipping current ad; add key controls:
  • 1-5: to set playback rate.
  • -/=: to change playback rate by 0.25 interval in range [0, 10].
  • ,/.: to skip 10 seconds (20 seconds with shift key).
  • </>: to skip 20 seconds.
  • f: toggle fullscreen.
1.0.0 - Jul 4, 2019
skipping qrCode, removing ads!

0x2 FAQ

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